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We all remember the sudden changes and drastic safety measures that we needed to adopt as the Covid-19 pandemic wave gained rapid momentum about a year ago. While we adjusted to the changes in our lifestyle, thinking the discomforts we encountered, as a result, were only momentary, not many people imagined it would alter our lives, and very much our mental states, for a year-long period.

As our social lives became disrupted through social distancing measures that effectively minimized — and in some cases, completely severed — physical contact from our friends, families, classmates, and professional colleagues, it soon dawned…

Here are things you can do to thrive now and prepare for life after the pandemic

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How much longer can you hold out with the financial constraints brought about as a result of the alteration in lifestyles due to the Covid-19 pandemic? One month? Two months? A year? No matter how much longer the restrictions ensuing from the pandemic last, the negative impacts will last just as much, if not longer.

With news reports regarding the imposition of fresh stay-at-home orders in some parts of Canada, and with B.C announcing record high Covid-19 cases recently, there are indications that the…

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